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Essentials of Atherectomy

As healthcare reform rapidly changes to a value-based model, clinicians will be more accountable than ever for the quality of care delivered to patients-and interventional radiologists are no exception to the rule. This area of radiology is facing new reimbursement cuts, particularly in the hospital setting, impacting decisions on how to treat patients.

Vein Health

Like so many functions in the human body, veins go about their business unnoticed, defying gravity as the graciously bring used-up blood back to the heart. Equipped with valves to prevent reverse blood flow, veins perform work the majority of people give little mind until these translucent little vessels malfunction.

Discover your sea legs

It’s not too late to show off your sea legs this summer. If you’re over 40, it’s probably time to have your legs examined for vascular disease, a chronic condition that can cause excruciating pain in your legs, due to lack of blood circulation.